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Meals Away From Braggadocio, MO

Visit these sponsors! When Louise tells me it is  "my turn to cook"  I head for these great meals:

                                    I have decided to become a restaurant critic. There are several reasons for this decision.
(1) I am an experienced eater! I have been eating without my mothers help for more than sixty years.
(2) I have a voracious appetite! I eat more than my share of food. After my meal, I eat the leftovers from my bride. Many times I eat the leftovers from my other dinner guest. Sometimes strangers in the location pass over parts of their unfinished plates thinking that I must be starving. I am sure a couple buffets have taken down that "All You Can Eat" sign after I left the register.
(3) I eat frequently! I have the nasty habit of having to eat four or five times a day.
(4) I have restaurant experience. Teachers need second jobs so I have had a food handlers card for more than 30 years.
(5) I love fine dining, but I am also a fast food freak.
(5) I have been expressing strong opinoions since birth.

    I Don't make much money writing about food. There is a little ad revenue from this site, but I make MONEY if you understand IRS Publications 463 and 535 about meals that may be deducted as a business expense. Wait, I have a lawyer and an accountant that tell me nobody fully understands any IRS publication. However, the IRS keeps allowing me to deduct several of my meals and those of my wife if I publish a short review.
      I had to decide how to handle negative dinning experiences. There are critics in NY or LA who have been so negative with their comments that restaurants had to close. That would make me cry; those people usually sink their life savings into their establishments. If I have a problem I will speak with the owner or manager. If they can solve the problem, then you will never read about it here. Ofcourse, if the problem persist I will have to comment. If you see a picture of me or a plate of food without a negative comment then rest assured I reccomend the establishment.
      My ratings may not be the same as yours or maybe you want my comments on a new place to eat. Just email me!  Some of my funny restaurant reviews that are actually short stories have been moved to my blog page within this website




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